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Basement of Horrors: House 2: The Second Story Retrospective

You know that part in Vampire’s Kiss where Nicolas Cage, perhaps high on cocaine, runs around the streets of New York screaming at bewildered pedestrians, ‘I’m a Vampire! I’m a vampire!’ Well, that’s kind of the plot of House II: The Second Story  – it has a semblance of direction, but it’s layered with so much asinine ‘what

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Basement of Horrors: House Retrospective (Part 1)

I love Halloween. For me, October is simply an excuse to binge-watch a bunch of horror movies from yesteryear and distract myself from the real horrors of the outside world. And, like all of us this year, I really needed cheering up. It’s been proper ugly out there of late. There’s fuckface von Clownstick Donald

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