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One Night at Saint Peregrine’s By V.J. Hamilton

Dwight hovered in front of the vending machine. Oversalted chips, over-sugared candy bars, or the caloric emptiness of gum. Why did the hospital offer such faux nutritional alternatives; wasn’t that a conflict of interest? When he was a kid, vending machines meant something exotic or exciting. The rare trips to Father’s workplace had always involved

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BOOK REVIEW: Politics of the Asylum by Adam Steiner

Hospitals are a narrative gold-mine. These are places where lives end and begin, love is declared and hearts are fixed and broken. They make for great metaphors, too – Lindsay Anderson’s ‘Britannia Hospital’ anatomised a whole surgeon’s gallery of English maladies through the lurching tones of comedy, satire and outright body horror. With the NHS

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Macabre Mallum

So, my little putrid jellyfishes, I do sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed the weekend. In Shallow Creek the weather was blisteringly hot, so hot in fact that the devil himself was sat somewhere wondering how he could change his ways for the better. The residents of Shallow Creek were all out in force with their best

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