What makes a good story? This is a question I’m often asked, my little lemon drizzles, and depending […]

So, my little putrid jellyfishes, I do sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed the weekend. In Shallow Creek the weather […]

If Ghost House had been released ten years ago, perhaps it wouldn’t feel as derivative and unoriginal as […]

Welcome to Shallow Creek… You’ll never want to leave. We’re counting down the days until May 31st when […]

Kirsty Logan is the author of short story collection The Rental Heart and Other Fairytales, awarded the Polari […]

When you decide to read I Am Legend it’s great to have a bit of historical perspective of […]

I’d like to think that everyone remembers where they were the first time they watched The Exorcist. For me, […]

Book five of the much-lorded Anno Dracula series from Kim Newman and published by Titan books   Short […]

Somewhere, in a dark, half-forgotten corner of Texas, there’s a hotel where some pretty weird stuff is going […]

When I read the title of the book and saw the image on the cover, I immediately expected […]