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BOOK REVIEW: Slimer by Harry Adam Knight

Eagle-eyed literary enthusiasts may have seen a couple of brightly coloured paperbacks in their local bookshop recently, most notably under the horror section. Valancourt Press, an independent publisher responsible for rescuing forgotten grimoires from the gaping maws of hell, have republished Slimer and Fungus, written by Harry Adam Knight. Knight, a pseudonym for UK authors John Brosnan and

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BOOK REVIEW: The Seven Deadliest edited by Patrick Beltran and D. Alexander Ward

The Seven Deadliest is, as the title suggests, an exploration of the seven deadly sins. The concept of the deadly sins has its roots in the desert fathers, but was made most widespread by medieval Catholicism. Now, we are glutted with adaptations of the seven deadly sins, including the glorious epic-fantasy anime Nanatsu no taizai

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BOOK REVIEW: Judderman by D.A.Northwood

‘Your brother’s with the Judder.’ If you are not aware of The Eden Book Society – where have you been? Dead Ink have been able to obtain the rights to their back catalogue and are releasing titles over the course of the year, with each one being a macabre little slice of horror. There is

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