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Crowded House & Other Stories by S.J. Budd

Crowded House & Other Stories is a small collection of short stories by S.J. Budd and published by Demain Publishing as part of their Short Sharp Shocks! series and boy is it good! This is the first time I’ve read S.J. Budd and I can tell you it most certainly wont be the last. Budd

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The Southern Book Club’s Guide To Slaying Vampires by Grady Hendrix

I remember the first time I held a Grady Hendrix book in my hand. It was the summer of 2017. I remember a distinct dearth of good books, and a kind of mounting anxiety that maybe I would never read a good book again. I’d read a string of novels in a row for review

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The Reddening by Adam L.G. Nevill

The Reddening is the first experience I have of the writer Adam Nevill and what better way to be introduced to this beast of UK Horror writing. I’ve heard of him, don’t get me wrong and I’ve watched the film of his work The Ritual – but picking up a physical copy of his work

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