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Day 25: Finding Where by Roger McKnight

On the 25th Day of Christmas Roger McKnight gave to me… “I’m only 22, but longing for home,” Vet Tech Cranny Barlow said uncertainly to a middle-aged customer across the counter.  Both glanced out at a beginning snowstorm sweeping Minnesota’s stubble cornfields.  “Me and Carlo here.  We’re both good to go.” Denise Mannery had emerged

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“WE’RE STILL SLAVES, FOLKS. Our owners just removed the chains from our legs and wrapped them around our minds,” Anselmo Washington said, careful to temper his tone. A black Mississippian born and bred to the plantation, as he described himself, he stood on his steamy front porch, hat in hand, and spoke to the white

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HOPEFUL MONSTERS: Paperback & Ebook available now!

HOPEFUL MONSTERS PAPERBACK & EBOOK AVAILABLE NOW! “Roger McKnight is a very slick writer with an incredibly quirky sensibility. Miss him at your own peril.” – Mark SaFranko – Author of Hating Olivia, Lounge Lizard, God Bless America, Dirty Work, and The Suicide “Roger McKnight is an extremely talented writer, and among his many gifts

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