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Another day on the road from home to who knows where – three months into their journey by Amanda Saint

The copper bell is the only non-essential thing Nora’s kept from before. She’s not sure why. It has no use in this new world. Food, water, somewhere safe, and hopefully dry, to sleep and firewood are all they need now. But oh so hard to come by. Tonight’s dinner – puffball mushrooms with wild garlic

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Mango Season By Dorothy Cornish

A story for Ieva We move in right before new year. Glasgow, Scotland, as the Americans say. Top-floor flat. Cold, bare, tall ceilings. I am used to terraced houses in a way I don’t quite understand, and the tenements impress me. They are surprisingly solid, hard – like the first time you punch someone’s face.

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Fixer Upper By Molly Osborne

The house was a piece of shit, but it was the best I could afford. I remembered hearing something about “curb appeal” on the Home and Garden Channel. I didn’t really know what that meant, but I knew this wreck didn’t have it. I knew it was going to be an insurmountable amount of work

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