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FICTION: Horowitz by J. Ray Paradiso

Names His name was Horowitz. Romeo Juliet Horowitz. Cuz his parents, Moe and Trudy, he swore, were into Shakespeare. And labored for a girl. But lost. Choosing his middle name. Tragically-romantic. And he bOasted he came from rOyalty. Like cOunts and cOuntesses. In the old country. Before Lenin’s Revolution, and Frida Kahlo jumped Leon Trotsky.

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FICTION: ‘Here’ By J. Ray Paradiso

So, to be, or not to be: It happened w-a-y back, at least 30 Hanukkahs, nigh Dutch Reagan’s Tear down this wall, before household staples like MiraLax and Viagra and Rogaine. But – I need a swig of H2O – not so long ago – slurp  – for me to forget how this prince landed

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