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The Fungus by Harry Adam Knight

The Fungus is a romp of a horror story, mixing black-humour with a classic Promethean horror motif of science run amok. Part of Valancourt Book’s revamp of 1970s and 80s creature horror, The Fungus delivers on the nostalgia and a wickedly grotesque monster, well, mutated fungi really, but they aren’t without animation. The story is

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BOOK REVIEW: Slimer by Harry Adam Knight

Eagle-eyed literary enthusiasts may have seen a couple of brightly coloured paperbacks in their local bookshop recently, most notably under the horror section. Valancourt Press, an independent publisher responsible for rescuing forgotten grimoires from the gaping maws of hell, have republished Slimer and Fungus, written by Harry Adam Knight. Knight, a pseudonym for UK authors John Brosnan and

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