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Criterium by Tyler Jones

Back in the early part of 2014 I first read Bunt Tongues (an anthology of transgressive fiction) and to be honest, I didn’t think much of it. This year Burnt Tongues got a much needed facelift. The thing is the only difference was a new cover and an illustration for each of the stories held

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Crossroads by Laurel Hightower

A mothers grief is something even the devil should fear. This is my first experience of Laurel Hightower and it will not be my last. Crossroads is a sensational, emotionally shredding, grief riddled nightmare of a book. The story is one that will affect you for long after reading (whether you are a parent or

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Remains by Andrew Cull

A nightmarish vision and exploration into the desolation of grief! Cull is a writer I first discovered when reading a review over at Kendall Reviews (the UK’s number one Horror site) – the book was Bones and the author was Cull. Based on that review it was a book I had to get and review

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