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Remember That Time We Went Camping in the Lake District? by Giles Montgomery

There’s something about the sound of a tent zip ripping into the pre-dawn stillness as you push your way out, stiff and bleary, cupping a yawn and blinking away the crusty bits. Rude, raw country air rushes in for a hug and now you’re awake, drinking in the sight of lush, dewy grass descending gracefully

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Toss by Giles Montgomery

“Fifty-fifty,” says the oncologist after some consideration. “Bloody hell,” says Doug, even though he’d asked. Of course he’d asked. Doug the gambler, the chancer, the fly-by-nighter. This time, more than any other, he had to know the odds. Because this time, they were his. He was the fighter in the ring facing a stone-cold ruthless

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