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Freya And The Somatoid By Cosmo Goldsmith

I sensed that our daughter Freya  was about to send shockwaves around the house, even before she told us. Nothing new there. For the last three to four years she has thrived on provocation and confrontation, particularly with me. But on this occasion, as she joined us into the kitchen, she was unusually respectful in

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The gunshot rang out through the empty club as silence slowly reclaimed her hold on the room. It was done. Weeks of only catching minutes of sleep, every meal being whatever would fit in one clenched fist but I had done it. The Fenchurch Crime family was no more. Gregory Fenchurch still twitched at my

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FILM: Singularity

In the sci-fi movie ‘Singularity,’ John Cusack plays visionary CEO Elias van Dorne, who brings sentient artificial life upon the world in the year 2020. Popularized by science fiction author Vernor Vinge, the Singularity is a theoretical point in future history when artificial intelligence exceeds the power of the human mind, becomes self-aware and dramatically

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