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Clever Girl: A Feminist Interpretation of Jurassic Park

There is no unauthorised breeding in Jurassic Park Lurking away under the surface of the well-loved roller-coaster ride that is the brilliant Jurassic Park (1993) film, lies a recurrent phobia of something even more frightening than giant pre-historic predatory dinosaurs: feminism. The film is dense with references to the female body and, more specifically, controlled

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FILM ARTICLE: Stranger Things 2 and The Franchise Pit of Despair!

FADE IN: INT. CABIN – NIGHT A ramshackle lodge. We pan across the cluttered floor – empty containers of Eggo’s lay strewn amongst crude drawings of dark monsters. We slow down as we slide up to a bed. A WOMAN lies sleeping, her closed  eyelids fluttering in deep REM sleep. The cabin door opens violently.

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