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INTERVIEW: Patrick deWitt

What was your first experience / engagement with literature? I guess I was around twelve years old. I grew up in the home of a reader, my father was a big fan of novels in particular. I asked him what was so interesting about this format and he began loaning me books. These books were

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FILM ARTICLE: MyFrenchFilmFestival

Online from 19 January to 19 February 2018! A festival accessible to everyone, in all places, everywhere in the world After a record turnout for the UniFrance online festival in 2017, the best of new-generation French and Francophone cinema will be showcased once again during the MyFrenchFilmFestival as of 19 January, all over the world! Yesterday in Paris, Isabelle Giordano

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FILM REVIEW: Lost In Paris

Aaah Paris. The city of love, the romance, the twinkly lights of the Eiffel Tower at night. The fresh baguettes and pharmacies at every street corner. The warm, putrid smell of hot tyres and piss emanating from the Metro street grates. The péniches, cruising slowly on the Seine, pale blue lights illuminating the old buildings

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