KNIGHT FORK by Adam Lock * ‘I’m selling my virginity,’ his daughter said, her fists clenching either side […]

Racing Crabs by Harriet Reilly * I’d been racing crabs for about forty-five minutes when I suddenly realised, […]

Tipping Point by Elaine Dillon * A strand of hair stretches out across the tiles. A toe has […]

Writer’s Block by PJ Stephenson * “What should I do to get noticed?” “That low-cut top you’re wearing’s […]

The Religion of Biscuits by Anna Tizard * They say that the first bite is when you know. […]

Shining by Eric Machan Howd * The man who creeps behind my tongue is an angry man; he […]

MILBURN’S LAST CLASS by John Bowie * Ms Milburn’s classes left me disheartened, humiliated and without words…spoken anyway. […]

His Art by Edward Field * He turned. He turned around. He turned around again. He turned around […]

  Frida Kahlo’s Monkey by Kerrin Leeb * It all started with Frida Kahlo’s monkey. The plot was […]

  The Period for Submissions opens on 1st February 2018 1st Prize £100 + STORGY Gift Bundle 2nd Prize STORGY Gift […]