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Harry Dean Stanton was, undoubtedly, one of the most recognisable and talented character-actors in the history of cinema. Appearing in over 200 films in a career that spanned six decades, Stanton is an unsung hero of the cinematic world. Alien, The Avengers, Twin Peaks etc, he’s made his way into pretty much everything you’ve ever

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FILM REVIEW: Willy The 1st (Willy 1er)

MyFrenchFilmFestival is taking place until the 19th February. To celebrate, we’re reviewing some of the films nominated. First up, we have Joshua Moulinie’s take on Willy the 1st (Willy 1er) French cinema has always been a benchmark for film as an art form. Often serving as the antithesis of Hollywood’s glitz and glamour it, it has held

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FILM ARTICLE: MyFrenchFilmFestival

Online from 19 January to 19 February 2018! A festival accessible to everyone, in all places, everywhere in the world After a record turnout for the UniFrance online festival in 2017, the best of new-generation French and Francophone cinema will be showcased once again during the MyFrenchFilmFestival as of 19 January, all over the world! Yesterday in Paris, Isabelle Giordano

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