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Lady of Shadows by Breanna Teintze

The next adventure for Corcoran Gray and Brix awaits.  After Corcoran was consumed by an old wizard’s body – supposedly Lord Jaern in the first novel, here they are again. Now the pair go to visit an acquaintance, Jaliseth after Gray needs some Wardstones, to silence his nightmares when he sleeps and to stop his

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Return To The Black Gate by Joseph Sale

The Black Gate Series by Joseph Sale is a collection of novels that I’ve been fully invested in since the first book came out; it’s a genre bending, Gothic, cosmic horror which had me gripped from page one of the first book to the last page of this – Return To The Black Gate the

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The Nightjar by Deborah Hewitt

A young woman, Alice is having a bad day, but it’s just about to get so much worse. Alice receives an unusual box, an elderly woman dies in her arms, her work presentation to the managing board is a complete disaster and her best friend is hit by a car and lies in a coma.

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