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The Sun On My Head by Geovani Martins

Geovani Martins is a name that I’d not heard of before, but it is a name I shall always remember – with The Sun On My Head he announces himself to the masses with a collection that is dripping with relevant and important themes such as masculinity, corruption, poverty and resilience in the face of

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Lanny by Max Porter

Well I am a huge fan of Max Porter, his writing to me is always a joy to read as he has such a hold over the written word with his prose being quite poetic, with each word fighting for its right to be included in the storytelling, and the deftly constructed prose he offers

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Being Various edited by Lucy Caldwell

Lucy Caldwell in her fabulous crafted introduction say in her own words… ‘Ireland is going through a golden age of writing: that has never been more apparent. I wanted to capture something of the energy of this explosion, in all its variousness…’ …and boy is she right, and boy does she achieve what she has

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