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The Strange Thing We Become and Other Dark Tales by Eric LaRocca

Two of these stories had appeared in a limited edition (now super rare book) ‘A Bright Enchanted Suffering’ which Eric pulled from publication at the very moment it was about to go live. So I’d read those two before, but I was very excited to see if the other stories he’d been compiling would stand

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Fanged Dandelion by Eric LaRocca

The foreword by Sara Tantlinger echoes my thoughts on what a sublime talent LaRocca is, his prose is mesmeric, his poetic turns of phrase showcase his brilliance as a storyteller and in my opinion further cement Eric LaRocca as one of the most exciting voices in indie publishing. Introduction – Eric LaRocca takes time to

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Starving Ghosts in Every Thread by Eric LaRocca

There is nothing out there quite like this book. LaRocca has exploded onto the scene with his debut novella Starving Ghosts In Every Thread and for me I couldn’t be happier for him and the reading / horror community because there is so much more this guy has to offer and I understand more coming soon

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