Tag: Elena Shalneva

FICTION: Me and Mark by Elena Shalneva

Do you remember last night? Your face close to mine, my fingers stroking your cheek, the contour of your mouth. As I was drifting to sleep, my hand rested on the silky wave of your fringe. Who knew these last seconds before unconsciousness could be so sweet, so full of promise. It had been years

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FICTION: Maria’s Party by Elena Shalneva

From the top of the cliff, Maria’s jacket looks like a red stain flailing in the heavy white foam of the breaking waves. She thrusts forward, stops, stumbles back, clutches on to the slimy wall of the cliff with both hands, slips. Thick fog wraps her in a pallid haze, disorients her. Maria is my

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FICTION: Come With Me by Elena Shalneva

She never knew his name. But she remembered the rest, vividly. Her obsession with the man who, as she would conclude decades later, had been the most enduring presence of her life, was such that, one night, walking past his office door and suddenly overwhelmed by tenderness and despair, she pressed her lips against the

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