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Richard Thomas – Storyville Studio

Q – Storyville Studio has officially launched. Congratulations! So, you’ve been editing and offering writing classes for a long time, and have edited some outstanding authors. What differentiates Storyville from the work you’ve done previously? RT – Thanks for having me! You guys are doing great work. Well, I wanted to have a dedicated place

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FICTION: 13Dark Issue #2 Cursed Crossings

13Dark Issue #2 Cursed Crossings is officially out in the world! The darkness has been unleashed from the minds of four writers… Will you follow them on their Cursed Crossing to territories dark and unknown? †3Dark is a project that aims to publish radical fiction by both new and established voices. Joseph Sale is the editor

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Project 13 Dark Issue #2 – Cursed Crossing – CROWDFUNDING

Hello and welcome! Come closer! My name is Joseph Sale, author and editor and Storgy contributor of yore. Sometimes I’m called The Mindflayer by those who know my true form, and today I’m here to tell you about a new venture in need of your help. Ah, yes, you’ve tried to step away but now

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