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Share Bags By Andrew Maguire

Conor walked through the cramped service station, past the stacked newspapers and the beige and burnt hot food, beyond the rotating stand of birthday cards and the single brand of mouthwash and toothpaste. The ATM was at the very back, beside the drinks cooler. He sighed when it fired out a fifty-pound note. ‘Useless,’ he said – pausing at

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The Sun On My Head by Geovani Martins

Geovani Martins is a name that I’d not heard of before, but it is a name I shall always remember – with The Sun On My Head he announces himself to the masses with a collection that is dripping with relevant and important themes such as masculinity, corruption, poverty and resilience in the face of

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Elani has grown up in violence. It surrounds her. It inhabits her father and lives on every face in her neighborhood. But Elani has learned a trick: watching people’s hands. If she carefully observes how someone carries a mug or a phone or a bottle, she can spot that subtle difference between holding and wielding.

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