Tag: Dreams

Steggie Belle & the Dream Warriors By Elias Pell

In a time where the outside world reflects a dystopian landscape akin to Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, sometimes it’s nice to escape into the mind palace with a fantasy story that is endearing to the soul. Elias Pell’s debut novel, Steggie Belle & The Dream Warriors is a welcome and refreshing YA take on the

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Bent-Tree by Joshua Ian

I feel the flutter of feathers against my skin and I awaken. # His body was mottled, pale beneath his clothing but yellowish in other places as if the sun couldn’t decide whether to rest there or flee. Other times, when he was angry or lustful, it was stained red, like the juice of dried

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Lunch Menu by H. J. Garven

The room was painted pink. It was a flamingo pink that hurt the eyes. The job was done by an amateur because the mustard yellow was still visible over the new stripes of paint that were thrown over the walls. The smell coming from the kitchen, a mixture of chicken and sweat, formed a cloud

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