Guillermo del Toro is man out of time. You can imagine him working comfortably in the Universal backlots […]

Joshua Moulinie continues his Odyssey through MyFrenchFilmFestival and cuts to the chase in his latest review: The next […]

MyFrenchFilmFestival is taking place until the 19th February. To celebrate, we’re reviewing some of the films nominated. First up, we […]

Sometimes the tone of a film is simple. Bright. Playful. Dark. Brooding. Dark. Nolan-Batman-Dark. Gritty. Dark. But it […]

A Woman’s Life, directed by Stéphane Brizé, is a film based on the 1883 novel of the same […]

Molly’s Game is intriguing. But then again, so is Molly Bloom’s life. Captivating and at times quite unbelievable, […]

Set in a world where orcs, humans and elves all exist as one, it’s hard to believe that […]

This film should have been great. It had all the right ingredients. Written and directed by the award-winning […]

So the screener for ‘The Unseen,’ landed at my desk. It’s a tale about a family who lose […]

Félicité is many things. On the one hand, it’s a story about female power. On the other, it’s a […]