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Black Lab by Ashley Stokes

The dog was dead. It just didn’t know it yet. Pete ‘The Meat’ Truelove knew it. The vet knew it. When the results of the blood test had appeared on her monitor screen, she’d softly chewed her bottom lip. She would say something soon. He could sense the hard word coming. Crouched on the floor

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BOOK REVIEW: Find Momo Across Europe by Andrew Knapp

This little book is perfect for sitting on a small coffee table. The photography is so beautiful you could just sit for an age flicking through the pages. Find Momo Across Europe is a lovely photographic journey across the Mediteranean, Europe and Britain. If anyone has visited any of these places you will recognise them

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FILM REVIEW: Isle of Dogs

There are two Wes Andersons: the first I like, the second I don’t. The first is one of contemporary cinema’s most gifted directors. Visually, his films are never less than breath-taking: Freeze any scene in an Anderson film, and its striking enough to be framed and stuck on a wall. This is why great actors

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