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Black Lab by Ashley Stokes

The dog was dead. It just didn’t know it yet. Pete ‘The Meat’ Truelove knew it. The vet knew it. When the results of the blood test had appeared on her monitor screen, she’d softly chewed her bottom lip. She would say something soon. He could sense the hard word coming. Crouched on the floor

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Young Boys By Sean Arnett

Ramon bites his lip as he agonises over a perfunctory hand job. We’re sitting in a swan boat chained to the pier in The Cabecera Park. You’d think he was trying to hand start a motorboat the way he’s going at it. I’ve whispered instructions into his ear. I’ve closed my eyes and thought of

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Praying For Dad By Nicola Ashbrook

Dear God, Mum said I have to speak to you at bedtime or else you’ll strike me down so, hi. Mrs Jenson, who does RE at school, says you can’t just ask you for stuff ‘cos that’s rude or summat so I’m gonna say all the things I’m grateful for first: chocolate crunch for pudding

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