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When Darth Vader Was My Boyfriend by Kathryn Kulpa

When Darth Vader was my boyfriend I let a lot of things slide, but I knew we were broken up for good when I texted him that I couldn’t meet him at the show that night because my father was in the hospital. ☹, Darth Vader texted back. Later he posted concert pictures. I saw

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FILM REVIEW: Avengers: Infinity War

Infinity War is the culmination of Disney/Marvel’s game-changing cinematic universe building; after ten years and eighteen films, this commercial juggernaut masquerading as cinema had all been building towards this pivotal moment. Featuring over 100 characters, and costing more money than the GDP of most countries, one may not appreciate the artistic merit of such an

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On paper, theoretically, I should despise Star Wars, as its very existence is built not out of a desire for artistic expression or fantastic storytelling, but rather as a glorified toy commercial, masquerading as art, designed entirely around merchandising and marketing, and A New Hope – alongside Spielberg’s Jaws – can actually be credited as

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