Tag: Death

The Engineer By Sam Roberts

I sit with a book in Arlington Square. I am not alone. Benches around me thrive with people reading, scrolling through their phones. It’s the kind of square where locals or those who walk find themselves when the weather is bright. A place for people with time to kill to kill such time without being

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Finding a Way by Diane Simmons

I think it’s safe to say flash fiction collections are a somewhat rare commodity. And unless you’re immersed in the world of flash – both as a reader and writer – it can be difficult to find collections that truly explore the different ways in which flash can be done. Of course, you can stumble

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BOOK REVIEW: Mary Ventura And The Ninth Kingdom by Sylvia Plath

How brilliant it is to get to review a book about a train journey, whilst on the train journey. Though I do hope my journey’s ending isn’t as unsettling as the one in Mary Ventura and the 9th Kingdom.  As I type, I notice with mounting horror that the person next to me is repeatedly

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