Tag: Death and the Teenage Stripper

FICTION: Can You Eat the Wind? by Sian Hughes

‘You haven’t lost the pregnancy,’ says the sonographer. ‘But I can’t find a heartbeat.’ The sonographer’s sentences don’t belong together. Amy notices that she has a tan face and a white neck, like parts from different bodies. ‘Can I see?’ she says. The sonographer points at the screen. In a corner of Amy’s womb, floating

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FICTION: Death and the Teenage Stripper by Sian Hughes

Iola Reynolds steps into the bay of her bedroom window from where the funeral goers will see her strip. Undeterred by the gauze-like layer of dust from the crematorium smokestack already clinging to the windowpanes, she presses ahead with the striptease, angling her body towards a Mercedes Benz hearse that crawls cockroach-like towards her window.

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