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FICTION: John the Squinter  by David Oakley

Palu: Sulawesi July 12th. 2006                                                                                                                               Early morning. I found the boy yesterday. Even now, still jet-lagged, listening to the seabirds chanting their raucous aubade as the tired tropical sun heaves its bulk out of the horizon – even now, I can hardly comprehend it. Perhaps his recollection was embellished by a desire to please,

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FICTION: Gloire de Dijon by David Oakley

Nobody could explain the disappearance of Mr K, not even the Countess, or should one say Hraběnka, since it was rumoured she came from Brno. Indeed, it was doubly inexplicable – as those few people whose lives intersected that of Mr K pointed out – because he was the sort of person who generally stayed

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