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Transference By John Bowie

I have to say that I’m not a huge crime fan, I’ve read my fare share of books in this field but it’s a genre that doesn’t really excite me, that was until I discovered John Bowie’s first book Untethered (review can be read at the bottom of this post) part one of the Black

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If Looks Could Kill by Olivia Kiernan

Detective Sergeant Frankie Sheehan is back, and investigating the disappearance of a Woman in a quiet village outside Dublin. Surrounded by her strong and trustworthy team including Baz and a few, not so familiar local constabulary. A great start to this thriller; you are immersed immediately into the life of Frankie, getting on with life

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Exit Wounds Edited by Paul B. Kane & Marie O’Regan

It must be difficult to write a short story, especially if you’re used to writing big blockbusters, such as these renowned authors: Jeffery Deaver, Val McDermid and Lee Child to name a few. Keeping the plot tight, but still trying to offer the reader the suspense and thrill of a longer form but tightly woven

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