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In the Quiet Moment By Mike Nolan

We don’t talk—I mean, sit down and have a conversation—during the day. There isn’t time. We have three kids under the age of five, we both work, and spare time revolves around booster chairs, baby food, and car seats. There’s always something else, something more immediate, tugging at our attention. Our communication as a couple,

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The Canvas of Her By Urška Vidoni

Some people are open books, easy to read with their pages displayed for everyone to see; others are closed books, hiding behind thick, heavy covers, protecting them from scrutiny. She was neither. She was a canvas, a cloth filled with a myriad of images and colours, like a Picasso or a Dali. Only the most

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Sealed with a Kiss By Michael Handrick

London’s lights slap against my face as I rest my forehead against the window. My eyes drop open and shut, filled with flickering bars of fluorescent lights and blurred reflections of myself staring back at me. The Uber driver hasn’t said a word, and neither of us has asked him how his night has been

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