Tag: cosmic horror

Salvation Spring by TC Parker

I’m a huge fan of westerns, they remind me of lazy Sunday afternoons with my father, we’d watch them all – the good, the bad and the ugly (pun intended). Some of my favourite were High Noon, True Grit, High Plains Drifter, Bad Day at Black Rock, Shane, The Searchers, Bone Tomahawk, Unforgiven, The Magnificent

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White Pines by Gemma Amor

From the Bram Stoker nominated author Gemma Amor, author of Dear Laura and Cruel Works of Nature comes her latest slice of horror White Pines. This is a book that is hard to categorize given its genre bending appeal, it seems to cross and blend genres at will. White Pines is like a rock falling

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Return To The Black Gate by Joseph Sale

The Black Gate Series by Joseph Sale is a collection of novels that I’ve been fully invested in since the first book came out; it’s a genre bending, Gothic, cosmic horror which had me gripped from page one of the first book to the last page of this – Return To The Black Gate the

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