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The Road by Cormac McCarthy – Folio Society Edition

‘The Road‘ by Cormac McCarthy is a masterpiece, a post-apocalyptic nightmare of a novel that paints a searing portrait of bleakness in the readers mind, and showcases the sheer brilliance that is McCarthy and his unapologetically desolate prose. McCarthy is one of those writers that split the reading public, his works are usually raw, bleak

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True Crime by Samantha Kolesnik

‘My body was my mother’s unfortunate toy.’ I came to True Crime not knowing what to expect, all I knew was that it was a debut and that it was recommended by Sadie Hartmann (Mother Horror to many other people) – and that recommendation was all I needed. So I picked up my book and

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Juniper by Ross Jeffery

Ross Jeffery’s Juniper is a rare-breed indeed, a snarling animal of a novella that sinks its teeth into you and refuses to let go. From the very first line, we are draw into a surreal world where nobody is quite right in the head, and where the most innocuous people are fearsome tyrants behind closed

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