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Green Fingers by Dan Coxon

How does your garden grow? Dan Coxon’s, needless to say, grows supernaturally, with infinite, unruly species. The author’s new mini-collection Green Fingers is a secret garden of horror stories: shadowy, motley, but robustly knotted together by one thematic root. We jump from cabin in the woods to waggon in the snow, stumbling across invasive pot-plants,

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GUEST POST: Story Detour By Michelle Blair Wilker

As a little girl I used to ride a marigold school bus with plastic seats that were dappled into pine. The rows lined up into a precise marching order. The journey home was long, so I trudged to the back and tucked in against the window, crossing my fingers for a solo ride. The sun

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BOOK REVIEW: Dazzling the Gods by Tom Vowler

Short story collections, are, when done right, a thing of beauty. A piece of fiction to behold, where you can end one moment on the uncanny, the rich and the dark, and the next moment on heartache and acute sensitivity. Each thrusting you into the relative unknown. That is the utter joy of short story

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