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Mistletoe by Alison Littlewood

Do you believe in ghosts? Leah didn’t, she was recovering from a catastrophic event in her life, so moved herself away to a new area and a rundown empty house, to escape her grief, but as these things tend to do, it followed her to the house she was supposed to have had with her

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TV REVIEW: Watership Down (2018) Review

It’s easy to be scathing about the recent BBC adaptation of Watership Down. All the criticisms are valid particularly regarding the animation; the rabbits are almost indistinguishable and look more like hares than rabbits. There are peculiar diversions from the novel – I was particularly aghast at a bizarre pink crystal-worship-chanting scene. There are several

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BATMAN RETURNS is THE perfect Christmas film for 2017 (and possibly the near apocalyptic future)

Christmas is a time for joy, light and happiness. A time of celebration and reflection, a time to eat so much you put yourself into a food induced coma, but with 2017 being nearly as mind-numbingly awful as 2016, maybe it’s time to reflect on an unconventional, but nevertheless relatable Christmas fairy tale (more nightmare).

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