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Gumdrops, Glue, Powdered Sugar by Timothy Boudreau

“There it is,” William said when Cheryl got home, pushing the gingerbread house toward her across the kitchen counter.  “We made it at the Managers’ Meeting.” Cheryl slid off her boots and hung up her jacket.  “Wish I had a job like that.” “It’s team building.” “Looks pretty good though.” “You should’ve seen Dan’s,” William

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Day 22: Holiday Definitions and Observational Notes for Mrs. Grimsby—English as a Second Language 104, by Dolma Karpo by Annie Bien

On the 22nd Day of Christmas Annie Bien gave to me… From Merriam Webster: I. Immaculate: adjective a) having no stain or blemish : pure, b) having or containing no flaw or error c) a: spotlessly clean b: having no colored spots or marks —used especially in botany and zoology # DK: Observational Note: An

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