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The opening scene of Elle acts as a warning – letting the viewer know that they’re boarding Paul Verhoeven’s thrilling train, bravely traveling through the murk towards an unknown territory of the surreal and twisted. After being raped in her own home, Michéle Leblanc (Isabelle Huppert) decides against reporting the crime, and instead opts in

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Steve McQueen: The Desolation of Man by Chris Flay

Spoilers ahead for McQueen’s films, Shame/12 years a Slave/Hunger Film is never more personal than when a set of eyes fix themselves to the lens – drawing you in and addressing you, like one of those celebrity PSA videos that make you think, “Beyoncé looks pretty serious right now, I should probably listen to her.” 

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“Here’s to the ones who dream, Foolish as they may seem.” The world presented in La La Land is one of beautiful surrealism and reflecting “what if’s”, where the outstretched hands of the talented struggle to grasp onto the future they’ve long been hoping for. Mia (Emma Stone) is an on-studio barista who, by no

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