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The Nether Regions By Clark Zlotchew

A tiger chases a baby impala and knocks it down with one swipe of its paw, then sits to stare at it. The impala stands up and turns to look at the tiger. The impala and the tiger differ in size like a human baby compared to a large adult. The impala has that clueless

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BOOK REVIEW: Billionaire Boy by David Walliams

Short review: A book about what really matters in life. No, not money. Not chocolate. No, not Mindcraft either. Billionaire Boy is a story about love and friendship and the things money can’t buy. The book manages to be heart warming and hilarious at the same time and in equal amounts. It’s a really special

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FICTION: The Jar By Tuuve Aro

English translation: Tuuve Aro & Donna M. Roberts   It’s inside the storage locker, diagonally above my head, un-opened, in a brown paper bag. I got it just before we left the mainland. On the street corner I stopped and slapped my forehead: “Potatoes! I forgot to buy potatoes!” Linus and Sam went on blabbering.

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