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The Neon Owl – When The Shit Hits The Van by Chad Lutzke (A Well Read Beard Review)

Well Read Beard reviews Chad Lutzke’s ‘The Neon Owl – When The Shit Hits The Van. Chad’s work is fabulous and if you’ve not discovered the prose magic this guy offers with every book you might want to change that this year! Don’t forget to subscribe to The Beard! Unlike many other Arts & Entertainment

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Out Behind The Barn by John Boden & Chad Lutzke

Out behind The Barn is my first encounter with Boden and Lutzke and what an encounter it was, a tale that is dripping with sorrow, hope and brotherhood / sonship with a side portion of loneliness. The book is short coming in at just 100 pages but sometimes as the old adage says ‘the best

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