Tag: British Horror

Below by Kev Harrison

Well Kev Harrison has done it again – another ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ read for me! He’s crafted a delightfully dark and mischievous tale of caving, or exploring and folklore – the Knockers are something I know about from my own research and was delighted to see them mentioned in this story. With prose that is quick and

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Last Meal In Osaka & Other Stories by Gary Buller

Last Meal In Osaka & Other Stories by Gary Buller is a journey through various interpretations of horror, first we have Swashbuckle Cove which is your more childhood based horror where we are unsure if the things that are transpiring to our protagonists are real or if it is a coping mechanism for grief and

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Neolithica by Dan Soule

Since the passing of James Herbert and the gradual decline of Shaun Hutson’s power as staples in the British Horror Scene. I’ve been hankering for someone to step into that rather large void; which has been left vacant for some time now, by in my opinion two of the brightest and loudest voices that we’ve

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