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Best Novellas 2021

There is something special about horror and dark fiction that is best seen in the short form and the novella is the key to unlocking those horrors of the mind, that lets them run free and haunt you long after the book is finished, here is my top picks of 2021 which has been a

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Sinister Mix by Brian Bowyer

Sinister Mix has every trigger warning / content warnings under the sun – but that’s to be expected from a master of extreme horror! I just wanted you to know that before you head in… because you might not come out the way you started. I’ve read four of Brian’s books now and this one,

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Perpetual Dread by Brian Bowyer

  Horror – an intense feeling of fear, shock, or disgust. Perpetual Dread is the perfect title for this books as with each turn of the page I was unsure what would face me. It is one of the darkest and most depraved books I’ve ever read – it is full on extreme horror –

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