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The Human Son by Adrian J Walker

The Earth is healed and humans have been extinct for 500 years. Those two things are connected. In the dying days of human civilisation a scientist created a better species, the Erta. Human-like but with none of their physical and emotional flaws. They are walking problem solvers with one purpose – to fix the Earth.

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Green Fingers by Dan Coxon

How does your garden grow? Dan Coxon’s, needless to say, grows supernaturally, with infinite, unruly species. The author’s new mini-collection Green Fingers is a secret garden of horror stories: shadowy, motley, but robustly knotted together by one thematic root. We jump from cabin in the woods to waggon in the snow, stumbling across invasive pot-plants,

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Million Eyes by C.R. Berry (plus an interview too)

I had a great time reading this book. It could have seemed to be confusing in it’s timeline, but I was able to follow through it’s strange narrative relatively well. The past, the future, the real, the unreal, it all was knitted in a story that was quite believable and sound, if that makes sense.

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