This is written prior to Sidney being a priest and a detective in the well-known TV Series. He […]

The phrase ‘careful what you wish for’ gets kicked around a lot these days, without much thought for […]

Well to say I was confused at the beginning, is an understatement. The first chapter is repeated three […]

The Crusades, religious corruption, and complex communities: Wayne Turmel confronts it all in his newest series, The Lucca […]

Philip K Dick is in my opinion and many others the master of science fiction. His works seems […]

For the majority of movie fans, Jaws is a total classic, though the same cannot be said for […]

Well, what do we have here then? An anthology…by women! How preposterous…it shouldn’t be allowed! That my friends […]

An entertaining collection of essays that is hard to put down and forget about, Duke Haney’s Death Valley […]

Of all of the countless storytelling styles, there is something refreshingly outrageous about the comic book -or graphic […]

This isn’t my favourite book. It’s not by one of my favourite authors. But it is my favourite […]