Flight or Fright brings together 17 turbulent tales which will strike fear in to those who especially have […]

I’m not too sure what I expected with Ironopolis…but it wasn’t this, no preamble just straight in to […]

French Exit is pretty darn good – in fact I would say it’s exquisite! A fan of deWitt’s […]

James Frey James Frey is originally from Ohio. His books A Million Little Pieces, My Friend Leonard, Bright […]

Every time I start a review about a short story collection, I say the same thing. I say […]

I’m at home in the forest. It’s where I head when I feel the nature deficit in a […]

Hidden amongst the words and paragraphs of Three Dreams In the Key Of G is a secret code […]

It was some twelve years ago that whilst in southwestern Turkey for the first time, I began to […]

Hospitals are a narrative gold-mine. These are places where lives end and begin, love is declared and hearts […]

From the outside all may appear dazzling, golden, dripping in sequins and sprinkled with glitter, but look inside […]