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Tales from the Shadow Booth Vol 4 – edited by Dan Coxon

Tales from the Shadow Booth Vol 4 is an anthology of stories that are in many styles; from horror, to steampunk, from fantastic to modern, from yesterday, to tomorrow, from the today we know to a today that is from another dimension. This book can easily satisfy all the needs of any avid reader who

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Remains by Andrew Cull

A nightmarish vision and exploration into the desolation of grief! Cull is a writer I first discovered when reading a review over at Kendall Reviews (the UK’s number one Horror site) – the book was Bones and the author was Cull. Based on that review it was a book I had to get and review

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Gumshoe Blues by Paul D. Brazill

GumShoe Blues is Brit Grit and self-proclaimed “screwball noir” author Paul D. Brazill’s latest novelette, completed with a few short stories shedding light on some of the characters and events. The result is dark, witty, farcical and thoroughly entertaining. The story follows its detective anti-hero Peter Ord on his numerous missions. “Ordy”, as the unsavoury

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