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The Secret Chapter by Genevieve Cogman

A librarian – Irena and Prince Kai – a dragon, are sent on a mysterious dangerous mission to acquire an old book from Mr Nemo, a well-known collector. Irene and her companion are told they must succeed to realign and stop probable chaos in their world. Irene and Kai are sent on this adventure to

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Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones – Folio Society Edition

While many people will be familiar with the story of Sophie and Wizard Howl thanks to Mayazaki’s anime blockbuster, Howl’s Moving Castle is the fantastical masterpiece of Diana Wynne Jones, celebrated adult and children’s author. I was vaguely familiar with the plotline, however I wasn’t prepared for the beauty of the story and the strong

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The Anatomical Venus by Helen Ivory

Helen Ivory’s fifth collection from Bloodaxe, ‘The Anatomical Venus’ is a stark and possessing exhibition of female abuse throughout history. In these poems we witness women as ‘other’, she or her who is alienated for her body’s ability to birth and bleed, and objectified for her gender aesthetics. We find here the Venus, the doll,

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