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BOOK REVIEW: The Lydia Steptoe Stories by Djuna Barnes

The theme of sexual awakening and desire has been explored since the dawn of literature; through the works of Nabokov, Flaubert, Shakespeare, Laclos, Sade, Sagan or Colette to name but a few (90% French, I notice, as I type. Maybe we are a sex-obsessed nation after all).  When I found out that Djuna Barnes was

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BOOK REVIEW: Humanagerie Edited by Sarah Doyle & Allen Ashley

‘Inspired by notions of the animalistic, Humanagerie is a vivid exploration of the nebulous intersection between human and beast […] these thirty-two poems and thirteen short stories explore emergence and existence, survival and self-mythology, and the liminal hinterland between humanity and animality.’  Edited by Sarah Doyle and Allen Ashley, Humanagerie is a collection of quality –

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On December 12th the STORGY team, alongside some of the writers and illustrators of the new EXIT EARTH anthology were showcasing their literary prowess and launching the hotly anticipated book of dark fiction on an unsuspecting world. Champagne, wine and beer were consumed with great vigour and many friendships were made. Below are some of

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