Tag: Body Horror

Autotomy Cocktail by Zachary Ashford

What a wild ride this story was. I’ve read a few things by Ashford and the guy just keeps getting better and better (I also had the pleasure and honour of reading his upcoming novella – which is mind-blowing – check that out when it drops). But we’re here to talk about ‘Autotomy Cocktail’ –

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Juniper by Ross Jeffery

Ross Jeffery’s Juniper is a rare-breed indeed, a snarling animal of a novella that sinks its teeth into you and refuses to let go. From the very first line, we are draw into a surreal world where nobody is quite right in the head, and where the most innocuous people are fearsome tyrants behind closed

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INTERVIEW: Naomi Booth

Sit back and enjoy this insightful interview with the woman that is bringing a new breed of horror to the US. We had the great pleasure of interviewing Naomi Booth about her debut novel ‘Sealed’ as it approaches the US release – we hope you enjoy!   ‘Sealed’ is described as a ‘gripping modern fable

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