Tag: Bizarro Fiction

Jesus of Portland, Oregon by Meg Pokrass

1. He reads labels. Even perfume labels. Rides the double-decker buses so he can watch from above. I poke at the halo around his shorts with my   wayward finger. “You have strange ideas, Mary-of-the mushroom-teas,” he says, mussing up my hair, not noticing the finger, like, at all. 2. His eyes dilate when he

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BOOK REVIEW: Dante and the Lobster by Samuel Beckett

I just read Dante and the Lobster over coffee and an unnecessarily large amount of mini flapjacks. Now that I’m nicely buzzed on caffeine and sugar I won’t hold off telling you how brilliant it is. I might even insist that you read it, READ IT NOW. It is delightful. Lighthearted in its tone, and

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BOOK REVIEW: Fortune Box by Madeleine Swann

I first discovered Fortune Box when I saw it appear in Kendall Reviews best books of 2018 – these guys know their thing when it comes to horror fiction, so why don’t you pop on over and give them a follow…you might just end up unearthing some fabulous works in the process too! So, after seeing

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